30 June – 5 July, 2013, Moscow, Russia

Scientific program

Language of the Conference

The working language of the Conference is English. All abstracts, oral and poster presentations must be delivered in English.

Types of presentations
  • Plenary lectures
  • Oral presentations (in thematic sections)
    • Key lectures (30 minutes)
    • Thematic reports (20 minutes)
  • Poster presentations

The list of plenary lectures is already formed in a final form (see below). For thematic sections, the Organizing and Program Committees, in coordination with authors, shall choose key lectures from all submitted oral presentations. If you have any suggestions about key lectures, you can write to the Conference Secretariat at exec@icc2013.ru.

Plenary lectures
  • A.I. Rusanov. The amazing world of micelles
  • A.M. Muzafarov. Macromolecular nanoobjects and lyophilic colloids: new intersections of colloid and polymer chemistry
  • P. Kralchevsky. Quantitative approaches to micellar equilibria, growth and dynamics
  • B. Lindman. Polyelectrolyte-surfactant association—from fundamentals to applications
Thematic sections
  • Lyophilic colloid systems: micellar solutions and microemulsions
  • Stability of colloid systems; stabilization factors
  • Theoretical issues of colloid chemistry and physicochemical mechanics
  • Surface phenomena and adsorption
  • Physicochemical mechanics, rheology of complex liquids, mechanochemistry
  • Surfactants, emulsions, and foams
  • Colloid chemistry of polymers
  • Natural disperse systems and ecology
  • Superhydrophobic surfaces, interface rheology, microfluidics
  • Biotechnology and colloid chemistry of alimentary products
  • Nanomaterials

The list of sections given above is preliminary. The definitive list shall be given when preparing the work program of the Conference.

Partners and sponsors
TECLIS Malvern Energolab    
The Secretariat of the Conference

Mr. Fyodor Kulikov-Kostyushko (executive secretary)

Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Tel.: +7 (495) 939-26-31
Email: exec@icc2013.ru

You may contact the Conference Secretariat on all issues, and particularly on issues regarding scientific content of the Conference (scientific program, abstracts submission, deadlines and timetable, special conditions of participation, etc.), and about humanitarian visas.

The Service Agent of the Conference

Mr. Vladimir Andrianov (project manager)

Tel.: +7 (495) 726-51-35
Email: icc2013@onlinereg.ru

Our Service Agent should be contacted on such matters as participation in the exhibition, sponsorship and partnership, technical issues with payments, visa support (tourist visas only), and extra services (hotel accommodation, transfers, social program, etc.).

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