30 June – 5 July, 2013, Moscow, Russia

F.A.Q. and help

How can I register in the IC-CCPCM 2013 Online System?

The detailed registration instruction is available here.

How can  login to my personal page?

If you have already registered in the Online registration system (otherwise, see above), visit the main page and enter your login and password into the respective fields and press Enter. The login and password should be in your email inbox after you have finished you registration. If, for any reason, you have not not receive them, call to the Service Agent of the Conference via telephone +7 (495) 726-51-35 or email icc2013@onlinereg.ru.

To view or alter your personal data, press on the Edit personal details button. Please, fill in all fields. If you arrive with an accompanying person or persons, please enter their full names in the field Comments (note: accompanying persons must register separately anyway). After all changes are made, press Submit.

When filling all text fields, use only digits, basic punctuation and basic Latin alphabet without diacritics. It is not allowed to use apostrophe ' or quotation mark " but these should be replaced by single ` or double `` grave accent sign.

The type of the registation fee can be changed in the drop-down menu Registration Type; press the button Update registration type to save the change.

Do accompanying persons have to register and to pay the registration fee?

Accompanying persons must register with our online registration system but they do not need to pay the registration fee. However, you should bear in mind that accompanying persons are not allowed to visit the Conference. As a rule, an option to register as an accompanying person is useful if you want to visit Moscow with a Conference participant and you need certain services, such as visa support, hotel booking, etc.

But if you want to take part in the Conference activities (opening and closing ceremonies, oral and poster lectures, welcome mixer, coffee breaks), you should register and pay the registration fee as a Conference Visitor and not as an accompanying person.

Is there a possibility for group registration?

Yes, for group registration (10  or more participants) you may contact our Service Agent directly by email icc2013@onlinereg.ru, or telephone +7 (495) 726-51-35.

How can I learn of latest updates and notifications, important dates and deadlines?

Our website regularly updates with the latest news. All registered participants are also informed of all crucial updates by email. You can also check our News page to see whether you missed anything important.

All dates and deadlines are also published on our site. This date are are subject to possible change and you are encouraged to check the site updates and mailing regularly.

When is the deadline for the registration fee payment?

All conference participants with oral or poster reports (that is, excluding visitors) must pay the registration fee not later than 12 June 2013. If not paid, their reports will be excluded from the Conference program and the book of abstracts on CD without any further notice, unless the Organizing Committee decides therwise (e.g. allowing on-site payment for a single person). Because of this, we kindly ask you to pay your registration fee as soon as possible. Also note that people paying registration fee not later than 22 April 2013 pay less; for details, see here.

Please note that the Online registration system will be closed for a week prior to the Conference. In such case, you will only be able to pay on-site.

To avoid any misunderstanding, it is advised to take with you a print proof of payment while arriving to the Conference, especially in case of late payments.

What do I need to do to get a Russian entry visa?

There are several options for obtaining a Russian entry visa for participation in the IC-CCPCM 2013.

We hope that most Conference participants shall be able to obtain a Russian humanitarian visa (a Russian visa for participation in scientific activities). To do this, you need to pay your registration fee in a very timely manner, because we can initiate the process of preparing papers for a humanitarian visa only after receiving the registration fee from you. See the chart for exact dates. After payment of the registration fee, all necessary documents will be sent to you on behalf of the Organizing Committee. In this case, you are not limited with hotels offered by our Service Agent and may book any hotel in Moscow as you like on your own.

For those who is too late to apply for a humanitarian visa (for example because of the late payment), and for those who cannot apply for a humanitarian visa at all (these are accompanying persons because they do not take part in the Conference and so there are no "scientific activities" for humanitarian visa to be given for), our Service Agent provides tourist visas. To apply for a tourist visa, you must either (a) order and pay for a hotel via our Service Agent, or (b) apply for a 1000 rouble tourist voucher.

The exact details on the visa obtaining process will be published on the dedicated page of our site in the mid-February 2013.

Partners and sponsors
TECLIS Malvern Energolab    
The Secretariat of the Conference

Mr. Fyodor Kulikov-Kostyushko (executive secretary)

Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Tel.: +7 (495) 939-26-31
Email: exec@icc2013.ru

You may contact the Conference Secretariat on all issues, and particularly on issues regarding scientific content of the Conference (scientific program, abstracts submission, deadlines and timetable, special conditions of participation, etc.), and about humanitarian visas.

The Service Agent of the Conference

Mr. Vladimir Andrianov (project manager)

Tel.: +7 (495) 726-51-35
Email: icc2013@onlinereg.ru

Our Service Agent should be contacted on such matters as participation in the exhibition, sponsorship and partnership, technical issues with payments, visa support (tourist visas only), and extra services (hotel accommodation, transfers, social program, etc.).

+7 (495) 726-51-35 icc2013@onlinereg.ru
Official services agent
Professional congress organizer
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